Sauteed Zucchini/Onion Wrap

This is a quick and easy one I did for lunch today.



1 Zucchini

1 Onion

Olive Oil

1/8 tsp cumin

1/8 tsp cilantro

1/4 tsp oregano

1/4 tsp garlic

Dash of salt

Whole Wheat Tortilla

Shredded Pepperjack Cheese


Heat olive oil with cumin, oregano, garlic, and salt in a pan.  Add the onions as soon as you would like and saute them to your liking.  I prefer wimpy and almost brown as I am not a fan of raw onions at all.  When the onions are almost to the point you want them add the zucchini.

By brown well cooked onions and zucchini!

Don’t cook for too long or the zucchini gets mushy and loses flavor.  Lay a tortilla shell on a pan and top with the zucchini and onion once it is complete, but don’t add too much! You need to be able to wrap it.  Top it with cheese and set it in the oven on broil for just a few minutes. Note: If I ever say to broil something never EVER walk away… it will burn.  I promise.

Take it out of the oven when it’s good and melty, wrap like a burrito, and enjoy.  Make sure to save any leftovers to toss over some rice, add to a chicken dish, make another wrap or enjoy on its own!


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