Legend of Zelda Blankets

This started out as a housewarming gift for Neil but it didn’t get finished for quite some time and it morphed from a large floor/body pillow into a papasan chair cushion cover and finally into a blanket.

The two pieces I am showing here are 8-bit Legend of Zelda inspired or “fan art” piece of work.  They are made with cotton solid and cotton/poly blend fabrics.  There is low loft batting in the middle to keep things nice and warm, but not too warm.  They both come with minor defects as they are handmade items and I find that to be the charm in them.

This is the one that is the housewarming gift.  It sits on the couch, makes a great conversation piece and most of all he loves it.

This Next one is one I finished just recently and will soon be putting up on Etsy for $150 (In reality ended up being 165).  Unfortunately this is probably the last one I will be making to sell.  I find the reward is much greater when I am making something that I made and created inside of my own head as opposed to copying a licensed product.  Don’t get me wrong, these were both a ton of fun to make and watch come together so well, but I can’t find it in me to channel myself into an already designed piece of work.


If anyone is interested in this at all stay posted as I have to make sure a friend is not still interested.  Again he is cotton and cotton/poly blend.  Hand wash or gentle cycle cold and hang dry.  4′-10″ x 5′-10″   These are also made in a cat friendly household.  They will come as clean as I can possible get them and are stored in plastic to keep as much hair off of them as possible.


Link has been sent off to a happy new home.  However, I will do commissions if time allows me  to.  I have 3 lined up as well as some personal cosplay work I am trying to crunch in before PaxEast2013 so I will be booked up for a while but that does not mean forever 🙂  Updates to come.


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