New Blanket Sneak Peak

This is a little sneak peak of the new adventure I have been on.  Due to my love of crafting I decided to start making things to sell and gravitated towards sewing, more specifically blanket making.  Normally in all other circumstances I would wait until something is completely finished to post anything at all but I am really excited about this one.

This is made of cotton prints and batiks, crushed velvet, taffeta, and brocade.  I’m really excited with how it is turning out and honestly wouldn’t mind any pointers or tips on what I should do with the border and backing of it.  I’m mostly not sure what to do with the color.  This too will have a low loft batting added to it so it will be usable as an actual blanket and not just for show.

Anyway… here it is!  With one of my little helpers sneaking his way onto the scene… >.<

Sneaky little guy just popped his head right up in there!


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