Campfire Cookin’: Pizza Sandwiches and S’Mores

Pizza Sandwich!




Pizza fillings: Sauce, cheese (I prefer mozzarella), meat, veggies

Pie Iron



Similar to making a grilled cheese on the stove.  Butter one side of two pieces of bread.  Place one piece butter side down on one side of the pie iron and top with your favorite toppings.  For ease of camping and to avoid food poisoning we used sauce in a jar, mozzarella cheese slices from a resealable bag, and pepperoni (smoked meat doesn’t need to stay extremely cold). I have made these with other meats like sliced ham from the deli and green pepper and it does work out wonderfully.  I placed cheese on the bottom of the pile and on the top of the pile to help ‘glue in’ the other toppings.  I put on the last piece of bread, smashed it in the pie iron and help it over the fire periodically checking to be sure that nothing burns.

They turned out great but of course we roasted some sausages over the fire later that night.

And for dessert!


We all know how these are made and what it takes to make them.  Graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallow, and fire!  I hope this needs no further explanation and man were these good!

Melt in your mouth goodness!


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