North Peak Brewing Company

Just a short little restaurant/brewery review from my travels this past week.  Some delicious food and things I would love to try out at home as well!

North Peak Brewery is located on W Front St in Traverse City’s warehouse district.  It was a great restaurant with some fantastic brews to sample.  We tried 6 different ones: Northern Light, Diabolical IPA, Siren Amber Ale, Mission Point Porter, Shirley’s Irish Stout, and their hard cider.  All were very good and descriptions of each can be found here:  The only one I can give a real review on is the cider as I am a cider fan.  It’s not extremely sweet and its very light and lightly carbonated.  It reminded me of a wine.  Definitely nothing like Woodchuck, which I find to be way too sweet, or Strongbow.  I thought the Northern Light was good but a basic light beer.  The amber ale was similar to the Norther Light but a bit more bitter and dry at the end. The IPA started off good but ended with a really hoppy taste that I don’t generally care for.  The porter was really good and hinted at nice bitter chocolate taste.  The stout was decent, similar to the porter but didn’t have the bitter chocolate taste.

Neil decided to try the Honey Porter Hanger Steak and I went for the Sunflower Reuben.  Neil’s steak came with gouda mashed redskins and my sandwich was made with stonehouse sunflower rye and apple caraway sauerkraut which tasted wonderful.  I tried Neil’s steak which was also very well cooked.  Neil decided they had an artist in the kitchen cooking his steak haha.  We also both tried a white cheddar ale soup topped with Hanover’s mustard pretzel bites.  I’d go back there just for another bowl of that soup.

White Cheddar Ale Soup

Honey Porter Hanger Steak

Sunflower Reuben

Wonderful array of brews and the cider down at the end

I feel absolutely silly for not having taken any pictures of the outside or inside of the building.  The outside is not all that welcoming with its cold brick facade, but when you get inside it has a woody industrial feel but very clean and classy.  Head to their website to see a few interior shots that cycle through the main page

I highly recommend checking this place out if you are ever in the area.


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