Tuna Lettuce Wraps

School started and its been hard for me to get on here and do anything.  It’s been hard for me to cook even.  The effects of fast food and TV dinners are starting to take its toll on my body as I’m always groggy, tired, and irritable.  So the cupboards are running low on food as well as I had to put forth some expenses into school and bills but my best friend Casey posted her lettuce wraps on facbeook the other night and I thought to myself “Gee, thats a good idea!”…









Lettuce, I prefer romaine.



Wash and pat dry the lettuce.

Cut up the celery into tiny pieces.  Then mix the tuna, mayo, parsley, basil, pepper, and celery together in a bowl.  How much of everything you use is purely up to you and how you want it to taste.  I used a small can of tuna to 2 dashes of each of the seasonings (dashes = shaking the container twice), and a handfull of celery.

I then haphazardly spooned it onto the lettuce, rolled it up and ate it.

There are no pictures because it was a mess and impossible for me to get a decent picture.  I couldn’t even hold the camera without ruining it!  The cats are still sniffing my hands a few hours later hoping they are going to be receiving some of the deliciousness.  The picture shown is actually someone elses picture but just wanted you to have an idea of what this would look like.  This was a perfect, light, and healthy meal.  This would be good with some garlic powder, pickles, and relish as well.



The above image is affectionately borrowed from http://thislittlepiggyateroastbeef.com/index.php/tuna-lettuce-wraps/

Mine were actually rolled up and that is why I just couldn’t get a good shot of them.


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